March 19-24, 2019 – Study visit and kick-off meeting
The project partners, the BAAT association from Bulgaria and the Greek-based social enterprise, Solidarity Tracks, participated in the first mobility, organized by D’Antilles et D’Ailleurs, in Martinique from March 19 to 24, 2019.
During the mobility we visited and experienced responsible tourism initiatives highlighting the tangible and intangible heritage of Martinique.
a) Discovery aperitif with RaphaëL Concept, a company whose mission is to promote the cultural, historical, natural and culinary heritage, etc. through tourist and event-based activities and the sale of local products.
b) Visit of the hydroelectric mill and introduction to the manufacture of coconut flour
 The Mill is a place steeped in history but also rich in learning about Martinique’s heritage. In 1933, Henri Marie-Calixte will concretize an idea which is close to his heart: to capture the water of the river “la petite Lézarde” in Gros-Morne and to produce electric energy. In 1992, after his death, he left this considerable legacy: the hydroelectric power station of “la petite Lézarde”, called Le Moulin.
Indeed, for a long time, the Mill generated about fifteen permanent jobs and allowed, thanks to the production of electric energy as well as the installation of tools, the production and transformation of manioc, coconut, toloman and also wood.
Today, the new owners Mr and Mrs EXURVILLE, eager to maintain and make known this element of Martinique’s heritage, propose several activities such as initiation to river fishing, coconut flour and manioc making, tastings and guided tours of the Mill.
The partners of the project also took part in the international seminar “Responsible Tourism: Crossed perspectives from Martinique and elsewhere” where they presented their good practices linking integration and responsible tourism.

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