Throughout the project, many tools have been created to accompany responsible tourism actors, young people wishing to become project leaders, or mentors wishing to accompany projects in the field of responsible tourism.

All these productions are available here to train you in your turn.

Once you have familiarized yourself with all this information, think about taking our quiz (at the bottom of the page) to check your knowledge on responsible tourism!


State of play and good practices in Responsible Tourism

This report is the result of a survey carried out during the project. It provides a summary of the situation of Responsible Tourism in the three territories : Caribbean, Bulgaria and Greece.

Mentor's Guide

This guide, which includes the training given during the project, will give you all the keys to accompany responsible tourism projects. It is particularly intended for those accompanying young people from complex social and economic contexts.

page de garde guide mentor

Responsible Tourism Handbook

This handbook is intended for any project leader wishing to orient his offer towards responsible tourism. You will find a practical and innovative method, a complete information to take action!


The aim of the Take your chance, go responsible ! project is on one hand to strengthen the young individuals’ entrepreneurial key skills and knowledge in the field of responsible tourism through mentoring, non-formal education, advising e-services, and e-commerce tutorials and on the other hand providing professionals in the field of youth with open access tools and resources.

Go Responsible e-tutorials by Mylene Colmar (Plume Caraïbe)

“My strategy for distribution”

Go Responsible e-tutorials by David Martin (Ted Conseil)

“Investment, operation and cash flow : the solutions”

Go Responsible e-tutorials by Zephrine Royer (Creativ Sün Films)

“Producing your own low-budget promotional video”

Go Responsible e-tutorials by Marie-Caroline Boccanfuso (Legal expert)

“Legal context of the respect of personal data”

Go Responsible e-tutorials by Synthia Daclinat

“Local tourism, international tourism, Who is our target ?”

Go Responsible e-tutorials by Sonia Onier (web project manager)

“Natural Search Engine Optimization / SEO”

Go Responsible e-tutorials by Louise Renard (Raphaël Concept)



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You’ve set up your project? And want to tell the world about it?
Or you want to promote a responsible business? Then participate in the platform that references responsible tourism experiences here!

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